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    Need help for "next" and "back" button process on animated slides

    KontributeR Level 1

      So I got edge animate a couple weeks ago and have gotten the hang of it as far as basics. I was able to make a slideshow with animated elements that came together to make each slide. For example, the first slide would have the background fade in and the words fly to the center from off the stage. Then it would fade and introduce elements of the next slide. Anyways, I really would like to incorporate a "next" and "back" button in order for people to skip to where the next slide begins or go back to the previous one. I made buttons on photoshop, imported them, and turned them into symbols. I've looked up codes to put, but for some reason many have not worked properly for me. Can anything help? Maybe I'm not going through the right process to make buttons and maybe not putting the right code in. I've been able to get them to skip to the next slide, but when you press it again it just keeps replaying that same slide rather than going to the following slide.