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    Multi-level Chapter Numbering

    ananggadipa Level 1

      I'm designing a book that have 5 chapter (with 3 multi level numbering such as 1.1.1) , and I don't know the way to make right multilevel chapter numbering.

      I couldn't make the level-2 chapter on Chapter 2 start at 2.1 ?

      What I could make was continuing number from previous chapter.

      How to make each numbering restart at every new chapter?


      Here's a screenshot of my problem. (the number 2 on top was the 1st level chapter number (right) and the 1.5 on bottom (wrong) was supposed to be 2.1

      And I needed to make it approriate format to be TOC, which I'm not quite sure how to make it.


      Screenshot 2014-09-05 22.00.09.png

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          ananggadipa Level 1

          Found the problem, so the list must be set on one same list.

          I imported from word document (using place) and there was several list like: Word Imported List 1, Word Imported List 2, and so on.

          The heading 2 and heading 3 (that got style from word too) must be set on same as heading 1's list on paragraph style - bullet numbering.