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    How to keep the SAME position of layout on left & right pages when adding a page?


      A little background first before I ask the question:


      I've been converting a PowerPoint document to the InDesign format, and adding pages as I go through by duplicating a page in order to keep the top description text in the same position at the top left hand side. The document is over 110 pages- more pages will be added soon, and some pages deleted. Basically the presentation will be printed as a book, and the client we are designing this presentation for sent us the master pages for the layout.


      The issue I'm now having: I had to delete an odd number of pages which caused a shift of the layout of pages throughout the document after the pages I deleted. I figured that the right hand page was not aligned the same as the right hand page, so I measured in the same distance from the left edge on both pages and made the adjustments. But then when I added a page, the alignment shifted again.


      Is this an issue with the master pages? Or is this another issue? Any idea how to fix this so that the pages are aligned the same whether I add or delete a page? I've included two screen grabs to better illustrate what is happening:


      Indesign layout correct.JPG

      Indesign layout shifted.JPG

      I would be very grateful for any help you may be able to offer on this, thank you in advance.