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    Are custom ContextMenu supported for Sprite objects?

    cosmacol Level 1

      I have a component that dynamically create and attach as child some Sprite objects. I'd like to provide a contextual menu for those visual elements, but I noticed that, even by default, right-clicking on them displays a different menu than the usual one (it seems to contains all the flash menu items - zoom, rewind, etc., while the flex one only show a few).

      Attaching a flash.ui.ContextMenu object to the .contextMenu property of those Sprite doesn't produce any effect: the same items are still displayed. If I attach the same ContextMenu object to another component (e.g. an UIComponent), it works as it should.

      Note that I set the mousEnabled property for those Sprite, and I'm able to handle the standard mouse events (click, enter..).

      Is this a known limitation?

      Thank you