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    Creating and using a digital signature - Not Working / Help Please?


      I have Acrobat X Pro (10.1.11). I am trying to setup a digital signature that is either a scan of my own signature, or a digital version that looks like hand writing. I've gone through a number of help documents and I am still getting something different. What I get is a Printed Name with some text next to it (i.e. Digitally Signed by "my name" DN: cn="my name, o, ou, e-mail, etc.".


      Anyone have any idea how I can start from scratch and create a digital signature that I can simply place on PDFs that looks like my siggy?

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          IsakTen Level 4

          I believe you are confusing digital signature and digital signature appearance. You can create a custom appearance and use it in your signatures. Go to Edit->Preferences->Signatures->Creation & Appearances->More... In the Appearances section in the bottom portion of the dialog select "New" button. Configure Signature Appearance dialog comes up. In the Title field you enter the name of this appearance. In the Configure Text section of the dialog you check which values you want to have in the text part of the signature appearance (you can deselect them all). In the Configure Graphics section you can select one of the radio buttons. "Imported Graphics" allows you to browse to the file that contains your scanned signature (or your picture ). "Name" will place your name as it appears in your signing certificate.

          Then when you sign a PDF in the "Sign" dialog click on the down arrow in the Appearance: section next to the displayed appearance name (out-of-the-box is says "Standard Text") and you'll get a drop-down list that contains the name of the appearance that you created. Select it and that will be the appearance of your digital signature. This same drop-down list contains "Create New Appearance..." item which when you select it allows you to create a new appearance in the same way as I described in the first paragraph.

          After you select your appearance it will show up when you sign again.