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    FAQ: How do I learn learn mocha AE (planar tracking & masking)?

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      Many After Effects users have questions about mocha AE CC which is bundled with Adobe Creative Cloud to provide a robust planar motion tracking and masking utility for AE users.

      mocha AE CC launches from the AE animation menu.


      Here are some great resources to help learn mocha AE CC which is sometimes called "mocha for After Effects". 



      Mocha Fundamentals

      4 hrs of free beginner training to quickly get any user up to speed with mocha's interface and tool sets.


      Getting Started Guide

      Imagineer's product specialist, Mary Poplin created this walk through guide that covers the basics of planar tracking for a quick screen insert.


      Imagineer Systems Video Tutorials

      There are over 100 videos on Imagineer's website. The videos can be browsed by subject such as, show only videos relating to After Effects or show Beginner Tutorials or show webinars.

      All of these training videos can also be found on the Mocha Youtube Channel and Mocha Vimeo Channel.


      Note: while many of the videos tagged mocha Pro contain features not found in the Adobe bundled mocha AE CC version most AE users should get a lot of tips and techniques by watching these videos as well/.


      mocha AE Support

      After Effects users can receive free support from Imagineer Systems by logging a support case OR viewing our support forums.


      3rd Party Resources:


      Curious Turtle Training Videos

      Professional video series to purchase.



      Professional video series to purchase.


      Digital Tutors

      Professional video series to purchase.




      more resources for mocha for After Effects