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    AttachMovie migration issues


      I am trying to migrate my own online multiplayer card game from flash 8 as2 to flash 9 as3... the effort is harder that expected

      To simplify it, let say I have 2 files, Manager.fla and Managed.fla, Manager.fla is using Manager.as, a class that is making some stuff, building an interface with linked MCs instantiated from the library, for example I have McManagerGUI.

      Managed.fla is using Managed.as for the same purpose.

      I can compile these two files without any problems...

      Now, things happening in the Managed class could have an impact on my Manager class, so I want to link them... there comes the issue, let imagine I create such a method in my Managed class to have a ref on the Manager:

      public function setManager(m:Manager){

      That is producing a compiling error in Manager.fla, because the compiler is trying to compile my Managed class, which is normal, and also the Manager class, cause there is a reference to an object of its type in Managed class. The error is produced because Managed.fla doesn't have a McManagerGUI linked mc in its library (it is in the Manager.fla library)... and the Manager is instantiating it to build the Manager interface...

      So... I don't know if my description is clear... I didn't had such problems with the attachMovie from as2...

      any idea ? help ? tips ? infos ? Should I force all my instantiation to be dynamic (I found a nice piece of code to do that...) to avoid the compilation error ?