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    How to reduce pdf

    TheOriginal150mph Level 1

      Trying to create a pdf resume with vector art in it that will reduce to below the 500k limit of most job sites and finding it impossible.

      This may be more of an Illustrator or Acrobat forum question, but since I've created the project in ID, this seems the likely spot.

      Trying every setting in ID, and ReduceFileSize in Acrobat, the pdf will not go below 659k or so, even though the .eps' in it total 4.5mgs.

      I created the .eps' in Illustrator and optimized them to the best of my ability, but they have gradients. Maybe there's a way to optimize them further before placing in ID?


      Helpful suggestions appreciated!


      I've uploaded the ID doc, the .eps' in it and the pdf if you care to have a look: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=106E68E7A512841F&id=106E68E7A512841F%21105 (resume files)