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    Lightroom won't export




      I am new to all of this and just downloaded the Lightroom free trial on Wednesday night. Since then I have uploaded around 100 photos, edited them all, and am now ready to export them. I successfully created a Watermark and added that onto my export settings. I requested that Lightroom upload the photos to a specific folder where there are currently no other photos or documents of any kind. I am able to hit the export button and everything is fine except that when it is done, I only see about 15 of the photos in the folder they were supposed to be in out of the 100.


      When I return to Lightroom a pop-up comes up saying, "Some export operations were not performed." Then proceeds to give me a list of all of the files that were not exported. The tab that the files are under is labeled, "not enough memory." That doesn't make much sense considering I have over 200GB of space left on my laptop!


      If someone could help me out with a few things to try I would be grateful. These are for a client and I've already made her wait almost a week for these photos so I don't want to prolong it too much longer!


      If anyone wants any additional information about export settings I used feel free to ask and I'll to my best to give them to you. Thank you much in advance!