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    color algorithms

      Hello everybody! I started playing with Flex a couple of weeks ago and I started working on a project that now looks a tiny bit Kuler. I found on the internet algorithms about converting RGB to HSV and I believe I can find these algorithms for CMYK and LAB as well, but i can't find any algorithms about generating "matching" colors, accordingly to specified rules. If you happen to know where I could find those and you are willing to share, i would be more than grateful.

      The project is a personal one, just a goal I have set for my self, and will be published as an open source once it's finished, so no money are in this for me.

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          Ann_Shelbourne Level 1
          I think that you would find this easier to do that in one of the Color Managed applications — such as Photoshop.

          Load an Adobe Swatch Exchange file (saved & downloaded from Kuler) in Photoshop; and use Photoshop's Color Picker to give you simultaneous read-outs for each color in the Swatch in RGB, CMYK, L*ab, HSB and Hex values.
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            cosmin.simon Level 1
            I'm not interested in loading the colors from Kuler, or any other Color Managed application. I want to develop my own version of "Kuler".

            I know, you will say that there is no point in reinventing the wheel, but I have learnt so much about HSV just by implementing the transformation algorithms and I want to push things further and learn what makes colors "match", from a programmer's perspective (from HSV values rather than the actual color).

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              Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
              Hello, you might find some useful information in this HSV thread on kuler talk.