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    Help to replace failed HD

    Jay Knobbe Level 1

      Good Afternoon,

      I have a new WD Black drive to replace one with bad sectors. Before I do anything I'll make certain the back up is current. But after that I'm not certain what to do after I physically install the new drive. System is:

      Asus MOB (Don't remember the model. I'm at work)

      I7 950

      C: WD Velociraptor 300gb OS

      D: WD Black 2tb     Music, photos, etc. this is the failed drive

      E: WD Black 1tb     back up drive

      M: Samsung F3's in RAID 0     Media

      N: Samsung F3's in RAID 0     Media

      Built this almost 4 years ago and haven't had any problems since so please excuse my lack of knowledge as to how to replace this HD. I tried Googling but never found a solution.