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    After Effects fail, ps and ill succeed.


      I have been trying to look inside this After Effects on the releases of CS6 and the CC 2014 with their respective updates for about a week now. I am working on a 4-core cpu with radeon hd6750m graphics and intel main graphics, not shared ram laptop that flawlessly runs illustrator and PS together. solidworks and Inventor and AutoCAD flawlessly. I have java runtime 7 update 67 build 1.7.0_67-bo1. on a 64-bit windows 7 Home Premium os. I am only working with trials for the moment.



      I have looked up dynamic link (anything to read as far back as CS5) and specifically mount points not being listed,

      plugin removal,

      preference removal via apple and PC (shamefully),

      preference keystroke on startup,

      updating...not sure what to update in windows..I never update my microsoft office suite...):

      Why the windows explorer is freezing.

      gpu sniffer 3 (no success there yet..just curious why I have to use CUDA instead of the radeon drivers..mind-blown)

      nirisoft codec identifier and deactivated all 0 code entries under x64 mode.

      CC - Stopped firewall after adding exceptions. turned off realtime monitoring for virus protection (microsoft essentials)

      CC - Removed various files in attempt to find solution, placing each one back before another is taken.

      CC - Installed QT and then uninstalled it as well (currently not installed)

      CC - removed the importquicktime and exportquicktime .dll files

      Saw something on checking volume names or something in adobe forums, but I have no idea how to work that myself not being on a mac like the forum was about.

      fresh installs and restarts to the nines


      I have a freeze up on initiating mediacore for both programs in regards to the splash box.


      CS6 freezes or hangs around 200k in task manager or crashes.

      CC finishes the initiating mediacore around 155k (idk releavance.)


      CC 2014 13.0 update will say variety things. from dynamic link manager is not working, (I can go to the adobe in program files in the file named,"32" and activate the ".exe". and I know that the qt32 does not activate at all on either


      I have tried as much as I can to..spent my fresh 10 GBs of data within a week of getting it in this billing cycle and nothing to show except one really almost murdered laptop.