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    Unwanted programs


      So, I was just updating my flash player. And all of a suddenly I'm getting the "McAfee Security Scan" installed as well, with NO prior notification and NO way to stop it installing!


      This is appaling conduct from a seemingly serious developer.

      There are certain norms and rules of etiquette that applies to public relations from internet firms as well.

      I have gotten quite used to lots of junkware being included in most major developers installation programs, but there have always been the option to uncheck it from the install list.

      I'm furious that Adobe has become so greedy that they feel the need to do this. To make manners worse, there is no way to state my discontent directly towards any customer service branch.

      The only way to let them know what the common user thinks of them, seems to be through these fora.


      I really hope you clean up your act Adobe, I seriously do not like the way this is going.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Providing and maintaining Flash Player free of charge is tremendously expensive, and the bundled offers are a cost-recovery measure that Adobe has instituted for products that it distributes for free.  That said, you should be presented with the option to opt out of the download.  I've provided a screenshot below of what the UI should be.


          We have heard anecdotal reports that some third-party ad-blocking and anti-tracking technologies like Ghostery and AdBlock Pro may prevent the JavaScript on the page from running such that the center pane does not get displayed, but I haven't tried to track down a set of conflicting third-party plug-ins yet.


          If you're not running similar types of plug-ins, or this doesn't sound like the issue that you're experiencing, I'd be more than happy to investigate the issue and get it resolved.


          Some basic information about your browser and operating system versions would help me find a comparable system to test with:

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          McAffee Checkbox.PNG