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    Span Graphics across THREADED text frames

    lo zino Level 1

      Hello there,


      I am working at a 60 page document that includes plenty of footnotes, graphics and tables.


      I have a 2 column layout. I need the graphics and the tables to span across the 2 columns.


      I need the footnotes on each page to span across 2 columns.




      Indesign puts the footnotes into their own separate column. I found a script that will correct this but will only work if the 2 columns are not part of the same text field.

      In other words, to have a 2 column layout I would need 2 threaded text fields onto 1 page, instead of 1 single text field with 2 columns.


      The problem is that once I have 2 different text frames, all the graphics and table will not span across the columns.


      I need a fix!


      Either a new way of dealing with footnotes spanning across columns, or a way of having tables and graphs spanning across threaded frames.




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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          There is no easy way to span footnotes across several columns.

          I had to do it several times in the last month and I did following:

          1. Work consequent with paragraph, character and object styles.
          2. Create an Object Style for your 2 column text.
          3. Finish your article with your normal footnotes.
          4. Try to find a scipt which converts footnotes to endnotes (and the other way too). There are several for free download available
          5. Install that script.
          6. Convert footnotes into endnotes
          7. Create for the first endnote a flair of the paragraph style which will start in a new frame (not necessary, but makes things much easier).
          8. Now you have at the end of the story a + which indidcates a text overflow. Click on this.
          9. Now create a new layer above the text and lock the text and draw a rectangle on the bottom of the page where the first footnote number (now endnote number) is found.
          10. For this reference text frame create  now (or do it before) an object style which will wrap text away to make place for the "footnotes" and let the text vertically align at the bottom. Apply this style to the "footnote" frames.
          11. Drag the frame as high as all footnotes of that page are found in this frame.
          12. Click on the overflow indicator and follow up with the previous steps until the last footnote.


          For graphics and tables spanning accross the columns I don’t anchor them in a multiple column layout out because if the anchor is in the right column, text wrapping will not work properly.

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            lo zino Level 1

            Thanks Willi,


            I thought of that too, it seems the only way.


            There is another problem I am now coming across, I have just posted it in discussion.


            You seem knowledgeable, try answer!







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              lo zino Level 1


              I am sorry, you are right.

              You have answered that other question.


              So you suggest I get rid of the anchored objects.

              But what if I have several and I would like to keep them in the flow?


              Thanks again