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    GetURL Target Frame Problem

      I'm building a website with a simple frameset - a top banner, a navigation menu frame on the left and a large, central main frame for displaying content. I am able to ActionScript assigning the GetURL function to buttons in the Flash movie that functions as my nav menu. However, I can not seem to get it to target a specific frame. I'm coding as follows:

      Compaction.onRelease = function() {
      getURL("compaction.htm", "mainFrame");

      Compaction is the button name - I named the instance in the properties as well.
      "Compaction.htm" is the string for the html file in the same directory. It recognizes this file just fine - it calls it up occupying the entire window when the "Compaction" button is clicked.
      "mainFrame" is the name I've assigned to the central frame of my frameset using Dreamweaver MX.

      My question is this: how do I code the GetURL function so that when "Compaction" is clicked "compaction.htm" loads in the same window but in the "mainFrame" frame.

      The tutorial/help files say that the "_blank," "_self," etc. window parameters can be replaced by specific window/frame names, but it doesn't seem to be working.

      Any help anybody can throw my way will be greatly appreciated.