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    symbols and elements disappearing in chrome 37 for mac and windows.

    ojrice Level 1

      Hi, hoping someone can help. I have made an animation I hope to be full width in EA. It works perfectly in ie9-11, Safari and firefox. However the background element vanishes in Chrome unless i zoom in 67%. This is also effecting another layer that covers the stage on occasion. The 2 layers are set within the bounds of the stage.


      I think this may have something to do with the known issue:


      Webkit (Safari, Chrome) browsers-only: Responsive scaling with symbols breaks element z-order when viewport is larger than the Stage. (3632270)

      I have replicated the same issue using a simple svg box instead of the image. I have also resized the background image so it sits well within the centre of the stage and it still vanishes.


      I have tried to manually add a z index to all the symbols. This hasn't worked.

      I have also tried the sym.$("element").css("-webkit-backface-visibility","hidden") method mentioned in another thread. This also doesn't work.

      My only fix seems to currently be using javascript to adjust the zoom in chrome upon loading the page. I really dont like doing this and want (need) to find a permanent solution to this issue.


      Please LINK to my project. Note the project is not full screen in this example and you will see the elements vanish and appear if you toggle the zoom in chrome between 67% and 100%.


      This issue doesn't effect the mac version of Safari at all.


      I would really appreciate any advice on this matter.


      Kind Regards,