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    Images in Templates

    vaprocura Level 1
      I want to put my company logo in my topic template so it will display at the top of each page in my printed documentation. However, although it will display throughout the online help, it won't display throughout my printed documentation. The only pages on which it will actually print, is on the pages that precede the TOC in the Section Layout. None of the pages in the Chapter Layout will display the logo in my template.

      Is there a way to display a logo on each page of the printed documentation? And is there a way to prevent it from displaying in the online help?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          If you only want it to appear in your printed output, by far the easiest way is to add it to the header in Word.

          Anything in your RH header does not get included in the Word document. You could put the logo in the body if the positioning suited you but you would only get the logo on the first page of each topic as there is no Page concept in HTML.

          Even if there was a way, you want to exclude it from the online help which you could do using a conditional tag. However, if that is the requirement, it would as I said be easier to just add it in Word.

          BTW. Did you resolve being able to import a Word document straight into RH HTML and using the headings to create topics? If not, post again in that thread and indicate what the problem was.

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            vaprocura Level 1
            Nope. I was never able to import my Word documents directly into RoboHelp HTML.

            No matter which of the existing Word documents I tried to import, I could only get it to split the topics on every Heading 1 style. The Heading 2 and Heading 3 styles would get bookmarked. However, importing those same documents into RoboHelp for Word splits all three heading styles into topics.

            I have done several experiments with Word documents I create, myself, from scratch. Those seem to split at each of the 3 heading styles no problem. But my company's user manuals won't split correctly. I have even tried changing all of the Heading 2 and Heading 3 styles to Heading 1 styles, and that doesn't even work.

            That's why I finally gave up and assumed that RoboHelp HTML was not supposed to work that way, and that only RoboHelp for Word was designed to do the job consistently.
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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
              This would have been better in the other thread but...

              Email me via my site and I will send you some screen shots. I just created a Word document with a Heading 1, a Heading 2 and a Heading 3.

              Then I went to a new HTML project that I had created and went to File | Import | Word Document. After making my selections in the first page, a dialogue popped up showing the three heading styles with just the first one ticked. I ticked the other two and got the result you want. Are you sure you ticked all three boxes?