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    Raid rebuild need to relink all folders to LR 5


      Since Adobe makes it impossible to talk to them and I am forced to post this question here. I had to rebuilda raid from my back drives now all the files are no longer linked and have the little question mark how can I relink all the folder at one time? I don't want to do each folder individually as I have way to many to do that. I think there is a merge function however not sure how to do it and I don't want to screw this up and have to rebuild my raid again once is enough. Thank you for your help!

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The ? means something is different in the path to the images than when they were first imported.  What is different: a device name or drive letter or top-level path folder name?  If so, then the easiest thing is to make the drive-letter or device name or top-level folder name the same as before. 


          If this is not possible, then you want to relink things (via right-click Locate Missing Folder) as high as possible in the folder tree--the top level folders.  If you do that than all the folders underneath will also change without having to go to them individually.

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            biomass221 Level 1

            Thank you fr your reply. I think that your suggestion would work however, I have all my files in a seperate job folder and it looks like I now have two back up locations in my LR5 cataloge window. The link did change slightly and I don't think I can recreate it at this point. I have one what I named my back up that is active green triangle in the corner and the the orginal that is showing up but not active. I can merge individual files but not the hole catalog any othe sugestion would be apprciated.


            Thank you.