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    get URL - won't link to external site

    MRAustin26 Level 1
      I am simply trying to link an external website to a button on my SWF file and no matter what I do it will not work!! My code is as follows:
      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://www.whatever.com", "_blank");
      When I test my movie (Command + Enter) the link works fine, but when I publish my file I get the following security message:

      Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation.
      The following local application on your computer or network:
      - - - my network - - -
      is trying to communicate with this internet-enabled location.
      To let this application communicate with the internet click settings.

      I have clicked on settings and have added the site I want to link to the 'always allow' section, but I still can not get it to work.

      I don't know what else to do to make this work! I am getting quite frustrated!

      PLEASE PLEASE Help!!!!

      Thank you!