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    InDesign 5.5 "interruption" every 7 seconds


      This problem started just this week. I'm working on a multi-page document and InDesign appears to "interrupt" every 7 seconds. I see whatever tool I'm using at that second flicker and a brief "beachball" and whatever I'm doing stops for a second, and if I happened to be doing anything at that moment, i.e. deleting text, the action is duplicated. If I happen to be moving an image or text box, the movement stops and snaps back to where it was.


      I turned off PreFlight, because it first appeared that was driving the activity, but even with PreFlight off, the problem continues.


      The document is 88 pages and is photo heavy, but it's only a 37 mg footprint. The photos are all jpeg placeholders until the document is ready to go to press. No images are linked to an external hard drive. All images are properly linked and no links are broken.


      I have another document that is 96 pages and is 97 mg footprint and does not have the same activity, so it must be just this particular document. But, I can't figure out what InDesign is checking to cause this consistent interruption.


      I've never had this problem before. I have recently updated Suitcase, but the "interruption" was happening before that update. I've used Disc Doctor to repair permissions and check the disk.


      Any advice that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated.






      InDesign 5.5, Mavericks 10.9.3, Suitcase 16.2.4