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    LR 5.6 hangs on import and building previews

    jimtron Level 1

      I'm on a 2011 MBP with 16gb ram and using internal 1TB SSD with 220GB free space.


      I'm having trouble with hangs on import (from SD card in MBP slot), and also with building previews. I don't have to force quit, but I do have to cancel the tasks and start again. I have energy settings set to never put computer or hard drive to sleep.


      Any suggestions would be helpful.

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          I'm having the exact, same, problem...

          LR 5.6 gets hung up towards the end of an import. No error message, just freezes. I can work within it while it's hung up, but the last of the photos aren't imported, and it's still in the act of "converting to Digital Negative and Import" mode. The last image imported was a video, if that helps.

          I'm running it on OS 10.8.5, iMac.

          Had no problem with LR2, from which I just upgraded.