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    Is After Effects CC disk cache taking up double the space on my RAID 0 SSD? Should I move it?

    Endless Projects

      In AE CC the available space on my RAID 0 (2 x 120GB SSD) drive drops from 100GB to around 40GB as soon as I do even a small RAM preview and even though I have set the disk cache in the preferences to 30GB. It also causes AE to prompt that I may not have enough space on the drive for the amount of cache I have set in preferences even though there appears to be 40GB left on it.

      I really value working with long fast RAM previews but other than that I'm not sure if the performance is jeopardised at all here. At one point I was enjoying 60GB of disk cache.


      RAID 0 is striped so it shouldn't take up double the space, am I right?


      I am about to install a RAID 0 HDD (2 x 3TB) for source files as I work with video a lot and have a 4K RAW project on the go so no time like the present. So should I move the disk cache from the ridiculously fast RAID 0 SSD to the new RAID HDD drive (as suggested in Harm's guide)?