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    How to export w3d from 3dMax 4

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      On adobe web site I've found following information
      3D Studio MAX can export Shockwave 3D files. To export Shockwave 3D files
      from 3D Studio MAX Release 3.1, or Character Studio 2.2 or 3.02, the
      SWD_Exp.dle file must be located in your 3D MAX "Plugins" folder.

      SWD_Exp.dle can be found in the 3D Translators folder on your Director 8.5
      installation CD (see below for exact location). 3D Studio MAX Release 4
      users must install the version of SWD_Exp.dle to be available for download
      from the 3D Studio MAX exporter page.


      But the download links are broken or lead not to Descreet site, but to some
      page of autodesc, without any comment to this DLE-file.

      Does anyone know where can the mentioned file be downloaded?

      any help will be appreciated