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    photoshop copy/paste/export logo - urgent question


      hi, urgent question - i created a logo with a basic rectangle shape tool and the text inside it and put it into a group folder in the layer panel (and background as on its own as a separate layer). however, photoshop won't let me copy and paste the logo to another photoshop file that has a template of a website that i wanted to add the logo to making a website. (i tried also in illustrator but it doesn't work in copying the logo to the photoshop template or any other new file for that matter). I then did drag it over to the template file but it comes out with the white background edges of the canvas and it says do i want to have it as a smart object which i was not sure if to do but clicked ok. i don't know how to remove the background white area of the logo? any help please and how to make sure it will be alright as smart object etc when creating a simple website