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    LR Mobile 5.6 Desktop: Up sync from DL desktop on Mac to Adobe Photo Cloud does not work, down sync from Cloud to DL desktop works


      I have successfully used DL Mobile for some months (currently: some 3+k photos in Adobe's Photo Cloud, in 56 collections).


      Some two weeks ago sync on DL desktop went erratic, i.e. sync attempts were always active according to the spinning wheel in the UI, but no sync happened. Right now this has changed to a status of no sync indication on Mac DL desktop whatsoever (no spinning wheel). No upward sync of changes from DL Mac to the Adobe Photo Cloud is happening.


      BUT: Up-sync to the Adobe Photo Cloud from iPad works: For example, change results can be seen immediately via browser in Adobe's Cloud collection library. AND, strange enough: the changes from iPad via Cloud are synced down to DL desktop on the Mac as well (without any sync indicator visible on DL desktop though).


      What can I do to get back to full functioning?