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    How do I turn off ALL auto adjustments in Camera Raw?

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      I am simply trying to open my images in Camera Raw (version via Bridge CC exactly how they were shot in camera, with no auto adjustments whatsoever.  I already have all of the auto boxes unchecked in the Camera Raw Preferences dialogue box under Default Image Settings.  I am shooting raw on a Sony A7r.


      MORE INFO:

      This discussion is not being created without prior research on how to solve it.  Hopefully there is a simple solution that I have overlooked and missed when looking for it.


      I shoot my raw images flat on purpose.  The in-camera saturation is turned down, along with a lot of the other picture profile settings in the camera. 


      I use Bridge CC to sort though my images and make selects.  In Bridge, I have "Prefer Embedded" selected for my thumbnails in order to stop the auto processing to happen to the thumbnails there. 


      The problem is, as soon as I open my raw images in Camera Raw from Bridge, the auto adjustments kick in and the saturation and exposure are automatically adjusted.  I can't figure out how to stop Camera Raw from making adjustments to my raw images.  As stated above, all of the auto check boxes are unchecked in the Camera Raw Preferences.


      When the "Command U" shortcut is pressed after an image is opened, it applies the auto settings, making it clear the Camera Raw thinks that nothing has been applied yet.  Toggling between "Camera Raw Defaults" and "Image Settings" in the side drop down menu does nothing either.


      Below are two screen shots.  One of how the thumbnail looks in Bridge, desaturated and flat.  The other is how the image opens in Camera Raw with no user adjustments what so ever.  You can see how the saturation and exposure have been adjusted:


      Bridge Preview - this is how the image was shot in camera.

      Bridge CC Screen Shot - image shows up as shot in camera.png


      Camera Raw - Straight after opening the file with no user adjustments.  You can clearly see the dramatic auto adjustments, but all of the sliders are set to default.

      Camera Raw Screen Shot - image after auto adjustments.png


      I would love to get some help with this, so I can see and work on my images as they were shot.  Im really hoping it is a stupid oversight on my part with an easy fix.  Thanks for the help.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Technically speaking, there are no supposedly auto adjustments to raw images. When a raw image is opened in Camera Raw default settings are applied to that image. Initially, those default settings are determined by Adobe based on their matching the settings against some test images (I assume). Those default settings will be applied automatically because they are the "default" settings. If you want your images opened differently, take the time to load one of your images and then adjust all the settings to how you want them to be initially. Then save new camera defaults for the camera. From that point onward, any newly opened images will have those settings applied. And you can apply those settings to any image that is already been opened by clicking on the reset button.  It should be noted that you can have custom default settings for each camera, and you can even have different default settings for different ISO settings. So if Camera Raw is a working the way you want it to, just take the time to customize it to your workflow.

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            ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What you see in camera is a JPG already converted by the camera’s raw converter using the camera settings.


            Adobe doesn’t have a way to convert things the same as the camera using the camera settings.  Adobe uses its own raw converter and own settings.


            Both the camera and Adobe are starting with the same raw data and doing their own conversion.


            If you want exactly what the camera does shoot JPG or use the camera manufacturer’s software not Adobe.


            You may be able to get a little closer to the camera settings if you change the camera profile to Camera xxxxx if there is something like that for your camera model.

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              Thanks, guys.  I appreciate the quick answers.  Sounds like there is no way around the specific issue I am talking about, since by the nature of shooting raw, Camera Raw uses its own engine to process the raw data, thus changing the way the camera processes the raw data.  The thing is though, Bridge can show me the thumbnails of how they were shot in camera, so somewhere within Bridge its able to represent exactly what the camera shot.  Not knowing the technical side of the software that well, it seems like theoretically Camera Raw should be abel to do the same.


              Make complete sense what you guys are saying though.


              Looks like I'll be setting up an A7r camera profile within Camera Raw and seeing if that gets me closer. 


              Thanks again.

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Bridge is just showing you the previews that the camera embedded with the camera’s own conversion.  Those previews have nothing to do with what Adobe is going to be doing once you make some adjustments, they are just faster to show you, for when you’re initially going through and picking keepers and rejects based on sharpness or composition, where the precise tone and color doesn’t matter. 


                Also, Adobe is not changing the camera’s colors, both the camera and Adobe are doing their own thing, not one changing what the other has done.

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                  Thanks again for the info.  Definitely helpful.  Like I was saying, looks like I'll need to build some settings for my a7r and set that as my default.

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                    As was already said: the camera's interpretation of the raw data is just one interpretation, and not the same as Adobe's. Don't confuse it with "exactly how they were shot", as this doesn't apply when shooting Raw. Granted it IS the manufacturer's interpretation, but you wouldn't be shooting Raw and using Adobe Camera Raw if you thought the manufacturer was always right.


                    One thing nobody has mentioned is Adobe's "baseline exposure" compensation factor. Camera Raw adjusts the default preview exposure by a factor of EV based on their measurements of the camera sensor. My present camera is boosted by 0.35EV and my last camera by 0.5EV. There is a way of determining this using EXIFTOOL, but I can't remember how to do it offhand. For the last few years, I have adjusted my own Camera Raw defaults by reversing this compensation, so it more closely matches the exposure I was expecting.


                    EDIT: here's the procedure, if you're interested. Re: Baseline Exposure

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                      deejjjaaaa Level 2

                      there are two adjustments that are combined = ACR/LR code has one ("BaselineExposure" - this one may actually vary for the same camera model, for example based on a nominal ISO) and then dcp profile has one ("BaselineExposureOffset", may be zero/absent of course)

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                        Yes, I think it's mentioned in the thread I bookmarked.