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    Trouble connecting - HELP!

      I use contribute at work all the time, but have never had to install the program or create a connection the first time. I'm attempting to set it up at home for a different not-for-profit website and am having great difficulties establishing a connection. I know my FTP server, username and password ... but when it asks for my website on the FTP and I select public_html it's not working! LOST!! Any help????
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          lukaro Level 1

          When you go through the connection wizard, are you able to select the folder that your website is in, rather than selecting an individual file. Try that.

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            I KNOW where you're coming from....I am in the SAME boat!!! Called Adobe yesterday and was put on hold for 15min.hung up and was THEN transferred to 4 different places....so MY time was 1.5hrs.spent and NOTHING was resolved!!!

            IF you get anyhelp PLEASE let me know...Thanks

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              rusky Level 1
              I've just had a client who was having a heap of problems creating a connection to her website (3.11 had stopped working and we had upgraded to CS3) and it has turned out to be firewalls. She had three installed for some reason, and turning them off wasn't enough. Once we uninstalled them (particularly Spy Doctor and Zone Alarm) Contribute was able to establish a connection with no problems - and she was marvelling at how much faster her computer was running!
              Also make sure the Windows Firewall is turned off when trying to establish a connection.
              Best of luck
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                bon60 Level 1
                Hi Rusky;
                thanks for the "connection" info..I tried all that you emailed me..and it did NOT work..I am getting VERY frustrated

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                  I'm having a similar issue. Our web sites are hosted in-house and the decision was made NOT to connect to them via LAN but rather via FTP, for tighter security. I can FTP to them just fine in Dreamweaver and FireFTP (Firefox extension). I can do it from inside the network at the office, and from outside the network from home. We only have one static IP address, which is assigned to the CiscoPIX firewall. In order to differentiate between each site for FTP purposes, each one uses a different port - 8021 through 8026 - and has a different private IP address.

                  The short version is, I'm unable to assign a port, which appears to be why I can't connect to the server and edit through Contribute.

                  If I call the ftp server ftp.areamaps.us:8021, I get an IMMEDIATE username/password error message. Since I've copy/pasted both from my spreadsheet, and since they are working in Dreamweaver and in FireFTP, I can rule out a true authentication error.

                  So I went into the "Advanced" settings, selected "Use FTP proxy settings when connecting." Although we don't actually have a proxy server, I enter the IP address of the firewall (or leave it out - same results) and the port (both as 8021 or 21, same result), then try again.

                  This time, when I click "Next," it goes to the testing connection window, I can see that it's found the web site because the content in the <title></title> tags appears, but after some wheel-spinning, this error message appears - "Contribute could not connect because the server is down or not accepting connections. Please contact your administrator" (that's me). I'm the only person with FTP access to the sites. I do not have any FTP clients (Dreamweaver, FireFTP) connected to the site. Immediately after making the connection attempt through Contribute, I'm able to FTP into the site from both Dreamweaver and FireFTP (not simultaneously).

                  I've posted screen shots of the step-by-step process of going through the connection wizard, as well as the error messages that appear as a result. I hope someone can help. They can be found at http://www.amerigocompanies.com/support/Adobe/contribute.html

                  The screen shots are from Macromedia Contribute 3, v 3.11, but I get the identical problems & screens using Adobe Contribute CS3. Both computers I'm attempting to configure are running Windows XP Pro, SP2. Both computers have IE 7.0, and my desktop (with 3.11) is also running Firefox.


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                    bon60 Level 1
                    Thanks for the email Lynda..NOTHING works for me..you would think that Adobe would TRY to fix this poblem for us????
                    I certainly do not have ANY confidence in them.

                    If anyone on the Forum know HOW to fix this problem..PLEASE let us know. Thanks

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                      bon60 Level 1
                      No it will NOT let me do that either!!

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                        AmerigoCo Level 1
                        What I want to know is, why does Adobe provide this forum, if they aren't also going to provide monitors to address the issues raised here? This thread started on April 13th. Today is May 2nd, and not one Adobe technician has popped in to advise the fix or work-around for this issue.

                        Very telling, I'd say. Especially in light of the fact that they provide little if any direct technical support to those who have purchased their software.
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                          bon60 Level 1
                          yep you got it!! WEe have had NO help from Adobe at ALL!!!

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                            AmerigoCo Level 1
                            I just sent a hotly-worded email to their customer service section about the lack of available support, and the unavailability of Contribute 4 at Adobe.com. I thought perhaps the issue might have been fixed in 4 and figured I test out the trial version, but there is no information available about it whatsoever at Adobe.com. You can't buy it, evaluate it, read about it, discuss it, nothing.
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                              bon60 Level 1
                              HOPE we get some help!!! I have Contribute 3..and cannot connect NO matter what I try!! PLEASE let me know what happens.

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                                Have you applied this hotfix that address FTP issues with Cisco Pix firewall connections, TechNote http://www.adobe.com/go/fc1a435a -

                                Contribute 4 is still available and supported, the trial software is here http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index.cfm?product=contribute&amp;loc=en_us

                                hope this helps,

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                                  AmerigoCo Level 1
                                  Finally, a constructive response!

                                  I gave the hotfix a try, but as I suspected it wasn't something that could address my situation. I'm downloading Contribute 4 as I type this - hopefully that will be the difference.

                                  I'll let y'all know what transpires!

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                                    bon60 Level 1
                                    Let me know IF it works Lynda...

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                                      AmerigoCo Level 1
                                      Shoot. Back to square one. As I said, in my case I have a specific port to assign for FTP, and there just doesn't seem to be a way to do that. The proxy server port setting is for the port the proxy server is accessed through. There are no firewall settings in Contribute like there are in Dreamweaver.

                                      If I set the port in the proxy server settings to 8021, I get an IMMEDIATE authentication error. Since I'm authenticating fine through Dreamweaver & FireFTP with the same copy/pasted username/password, that's a bogus error.

                                      If I set the port in the proxy server settings to 21, I get a "server is not accepting connections" error. Again, I'm connecting with everything else.

                                      This is a BUG BUG BUG in Contribute! I can't believe they don't have a firewall settings interface! Everyone with half a brain uses a firewall these days, and they handle it BEAUTIFULLY in Dreamweaver, so they don't even have to re-invent the wheel! Adobe people who are monitoring this thread - GET IN HERE AND ADDRESS THIS ISSUE FOR US! There is no way to contact Adobe support on this issue during the trial version, and my registered versions aren't showing up in support. It's like Adobe doesn't want to be bothered with us.
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                                        HangD Level 1
                                        Hi Lynda,

                                        In addition to the FTP proxy server settings in the Contribute Preferences. Contribute also uses an embedded version of IE so the proxy settings you specify in the browser determine Contribute's connection behavior.

                                        Check the following settings in your web browser::

                                        1. Verify in IE, under Tools> Internet Options, LAN settings, uncheck Automatically detect settings and use automatic configuration script.
                                        2. Under Proxy Server, check use proxy server, and fill in your address and port number you are using.
                                        3. Click OK, and then hop over to the Advanced tab in IE Options, make sure the following are checked: Enable folder view of FTP sites, Enable third party browser extensions, Use Passive FTP, and Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections,

                                        if you are still having problems, ping me via email with your contact info.
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                                          AmerigoCo Level 1
                                          Thanks SO much for the input. Unfortunately, this solution didn't work; I've sent you my contact info privately.

                                          Everyone else, I'll keep you posted, although I don't know if what will work for me will provide the solution for the other connection issues discussed here. Thank goodness we finally have someone from Adobe on our side!
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                                            bon60 Level 1
                                            Didnt work for me..NEXT???

                                            my email is; george.bonnie@sympatico.ca

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                                              AmerigoCo Level 1
                                              HangD from Adobe is the bomb, my friends. We haven't resolved the issue yet, but it seems to be related to IE 7.0. If any of you are using 7.0, that might be the issue.

                                              Because Contribute works through an IE interface, it's the IE settings that can cause issue. This is why there aren't many setttings in Contribute itself. Right now, I'm getting ready to try to roll back to IE 6 and see if that resolves the issue.

                                              I'll keep you posted.
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                                                AmerigoCo Level 1
                                                Ooops... see below (accidentally posted twice)
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                                                  AmerigoCo Level 1

                                                  After reverting to IE 6, rebooting, then removing all settings for a proxy server in both IE and Contribute, I was able to create a connection.

                                                  In my case, because the port is different for each of my web sites (we host them in-house, behind the same firewall as my workstation), I had to change the site address to ftp.areamaps.us:8021 and it worked like a charm.

                                                  Now, I know that this port issue is not what the rest of your are "suffering" from, but if you are running IE 7.0, that may be the main problem. (If you're problems are happening on a Mac, then there is some other issue.)

                                                  If you are PC based and running IE 7.0 and don't care whether you use 7 or 6, then go through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, remove Windows Internet Explorer 7 and restart your computer. When you come back up, you'll be running IE 6, then give it another try.

                                                  Thanks to HangD for all the help she gave me today - I couldn't have figured this out without her!

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                                                    bon60 Level 1

                                                    IF I roll back to IE6 wil I lose everything in my IE7???????? Please advise BEFORE I do it..many thanks

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                                                      AmerigoCo Level 1
                                                      All my favorites, saved passwords, saved autofill, all that stuff is still there. I didn't lose a thing.
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                                                        bon60 Level 1
                                                        YES YES YES Reverting back to IE6 WORKS FOLKS!!!!!!
                                                        THANKS LYNDA AND Thanks Hang..she was great!!!

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                                                          AmerigoCo Level 1
                                                          And it only took three weeks to figure this out! LOL All because Microsoft had to "fix" something in their browser that wasn't broken, and forgot to tell Adobe about it!
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                                                            bon60 Level 1
                                                            Yeah..great Microsoft arent they???????????? ALL this trouble could have been solved if ONLY they had told Adobe

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                                                              Is there any other solution to the IE7 conflict *other* than uninstalling IE7? I have a client w/ this problem and I'd rather not bar them from using IE7.
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                                                                HangD Level 1
                                                                try replacing your psapi.dll file from contribute's program folder - with the one from your c:\windows\system32\ directory, see the technote http://www.adobe.com/go/57ff5d
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                                                                  jpuck Level 1

                                                                  I cannot connect to the FTP site through Contribute (3 or 4), although I can FTP to the site outside of Contribute just fine.

                                                                  There is a Cisco firewall, I have applied the patch, rebooted, nothing (3 and 4):

                                                                  The machine is running IE7, the client would rather keep IE7. I have confirmed the settings as suggested in this thread.

                                                                  I have replaced the PSAPI.DLL as recommended, rebooted, still the same:

                                                                  My problem was originally Contribute 3, so I installed the 4 trial on the client's machine just to test (I'd rather not require him to upgrade to CS), and had the same problem.

                                                                  Are there any other suggestions? Do I have to uninstall IE7? Are there further suggestions for the Cisco PIX firewall?
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                                                                    Has anyone had any trouble connecting using Mac OS X?

                                                                    I have been trying to establish a connection for more than a week now, and have been on the phone to Adobe and my domain host for many hours, to no avail. I have disabled cookies, cleared caches, and reinstalled Contribute CS3 (trial version) three times. Nothing works.

                                                                    I'm connecting via Firefox. Any clues?