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    Open all books on startup

      Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how to do the following:
      - make a CHM file expand all topics upon loading
      - make it so when you click a link to another topic, that topic is highlighted on the topic menu as well as following the link

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Erik

          Unfortunately there is no way to expand all the books on startup. About the closest you can come is to simply have a single book. But if you did that, you may as well forego the book and just have all topics at the root level with no book in sight.

          Now that I've said this, I will say that I've accomplished this feat. But it wasn't pretty. Basically, I created a single redirect topic for each book that redirected to the next topic in the chain. I then used what I'll suggest next to accomplish the books all expanding at startup. The problem with this is that ANY click on ANY of the books sets off the chain again.

          There are actually two different things you need to do in order to configure your second request.

          1. Edit the Single Source Layout properties for the Microsoft HTML Help layout. Click the Advanced... button, then the TOC Styles tab. Ensure a check mark appears beside the option labeled: Always Show Selection. Then click OK to dismiss the dialog and click Save to dismiss the second dialog.

          2. Expand the Windows pseudo folder and edit the properties of the default window. Look at the options located in the lower left corner of the dialog. Ensure a check mark appears beside the option labeled: Auto-synchronize TOC. Then click OK to dismiss the dialog.

          Now recompile your help and test!

          Cheers... Rick
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            Erik@ACSS Level 1
            Hey Rick,

            I ended up just checking Always Show Selection and Auto-Sync TOC. Pretty handy, thanks for that. As for the topics expanding on startup, it's no big deal. That redirection thing sounds like too much stuffing around.

            Thanks again for your help!