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    Please Help - LR update wipes out my catalog.


      This seems an uncommon problem as I haven't found any other posts on it, but I'm having the issue that LR updates wipe out my catalog?! I've had LR4 for a couple years now. When the 4.4 update first came along awhile back, I accepted the download, and when I did so, to my horror my entire catalog was wiped out. I did a restore point (thus undoing the update) hoping that would restore the catalog, but it did not. I of course still had all of the files and side cars on my hard drive, but had to re-launch my most recent back up which had been a few weeks previous (I know, I know), and lost the history on the work I'd done on images after that.


      Just now, when I launched LR, the update notice appeared. I did not accept the update as I felt is was a risk, and instead closed the box. Even so, my catalog was wiped out AGAIN.


      My last back up was less than a week ago, but I'd done a lot of work on some images since then. While I know I can re-import the images themselves, I do not know if -- or HOW - I can re-import the side cars with the editing history (which I can see on my hard drive) back into Lightroom?!! Please help if you can. Thanks so much in advance.

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          dj_paige Level 9

          File->Open Recent, one of the catalogs listed there should be the one you want.

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            BorealBird Level 1

            Thank you - but I had tried that right away and nothing happened. Apparently "recent" was the new/empty one that replaced the previous.

            I will add that when I re-imported the files I had worked on since the last back up, the edits are in fact there, so it is reading the side cars. However, the history of those re-imported images is not there (it just says "import" with the date) so I am not able to see what I did with those images. Any way to get the history back?

            Thanks again.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I have never heard of nor experienced Lightroom wiping out a catalog. When major upgrades occur (like from 4 to 5) the new version will create a new copy of the existing catalog. But it leaves the older version completely intact. The Lightroom 4.4 update completely replaces your previous version, but the catalog is a user file, created as you use Lightroom, and is unaffected by updates. So performing an update, by design, should have virtually no effect on your existing catalog. If you browse using your system browser, are you able to see the old catalog, the one that you say was wiped out?

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                BorealBird Level 1

                Jim, appreciate the reply.  What I did after this happened was go to my most recent back up which was five days earlier, and I launched that. I then re-imported the files that had been imported post back up, some of which had been edited.  As I'd replied to dj paige, the edits I'd done post-back up were there on the re-imported images, however unfortunately the history on them has been wiped out - or at least it no longer shows up in the catalog. But If I'm understanding you, I should have been able to locate the catalog as it was just before the update? Because I did not see a catalog more recent than what was in the back up folder and dated Sept 1st.  Obviously I don't have a clear understanding of how this all works, so will have to do some studying up.

                Thanks again.

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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  You want to have your operating system search all of your hard disks for files whose name ends with .LRCAT. Open each of them by double-clicking on them to see if this is the catalog you want.