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    Pattern and color overlays

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      I just learned to make a pattern overlay and the tutorial I followed was for a glitter overlay. In the tutorial they show how to change the text that you write immediately after making the overlay. Well I have a image that I am trying to make the overlay cover and then change the color. I pull up the image and make the background transparent, then I go to the overlays and click the pattern overlay and choose the one I made, then click the color overlay and when I do that it just changes the whole image to that color without the glitter. Is there something I am doing wrong here because I need both of these to work together?

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Review your instructions and see if they want the blending mode of any the layers changed.


          In this tutorial, How to Add a Glitter Effect in Photoshop: 12 Steps,


          the instructions call for the blending mode of the color overlay layer to be changed to "color burn".

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            JJMack Most Valuable Participant

            Consider posting a screen capture of you document showing Photoshop window include you image layers palette and point to whet you having a problem and any dialog you having a problem with. It hard to follow what you wrote without any referent document to look at. A link to the tutorial your using would also be a helpful addition.

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              I think this has got it. I must have missed the color burn part. I have been working on this forever. My glitter effect does not seem to look as good as the one on the tutorial and so I am going to start over and try it again. I did find one thing that I had a problem with when changing the color, and that was my main background is grey and I needed a white glitter look but when I put in a white color it stayed grey. I didnt seem to have any problems with any other colors.


              JJMack- Thanks for that advice I will do that next time I have a problem.

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                gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Thanks for reporting back, Cake Master.  I'm glad I was able to help. J.J. has the better methodology, I just guessed you missed a blending mode instruction.