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    How to access symbol from different stage


      Hi everyone,


      I'm really new at Edge, so I still have a lot to learn and I need your help with something..


      I want to know how to access a symbol from another stage, here's what I've and what I want to do..


      I've the main index page with symbol named "content", in content I load other composition (page). called "page2".

      all I want to do is when I click a symbol "XX" inside "page2". The "content" symbol loads other composition called "page3".

      I don't know how to access "Content" from "page2", so I could load "page3" ..  that's it


      I feel like it's simple, but I just couldn't know how to do it, I',m sorry for bothering you for such a question, but I've searched a lot and I got nothing.




      I thought I could use something like this


      var comp = Edge.getComposition("EDGE-638329");  

      var stage = comp.getStage(); 

      var symp= comp.stage.getSymbol("content");




      but it's still not working, could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?