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    RED and WHITE compass rose in CS6 / Mac Mavericks OS


      I apologize if you see this discussion twice...I posted earlier but don't think it went through..forgive me.dcu


      while working on a picture in CS6 / a red and white compass rose pops up...and all I can find about it is that it's related to the Rotate tool...
      so you can turn the picture while you work on it...for convenience sake..


      For some reason it pops up automatically when i use my WACOM tablet...I guess it seems it's a 'gesture' of some sort...don't know what I
      do to bring it on...


      But please tell me how to remove it from my document please? It does not save to the final...but is there...right in the middle of the page the whole time I'm working on it.


      any help appreciated.  ThANK YOU so much



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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I'm not sure why the rotate tool is activating. It is under the Hand tool. Shift + H would change to that tool


          So you would look in your tablet setting for anything on your pen that acts like a Shift key, turn it off and see if the problem goes away.


          You could also try resetting the Rotate tool by right or control click on its' icon in the top Options bar.


          Last resort would be to disable the Use GPU in Preferences > Performance. You give up animated zoom, flick panning and the pixel grid, but the Rotate tool would not work and neither would many filters or 3D functions.


          Visit your tablet support forums for better advice.