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    Best Setting / Compression for After Effects cc > iMovie 10 > YouTube?

    markdouglasgrant Level 1

      After Effects novice. Using a photo gallery template from videohive.net.


      Exported at default setting, lossless HD 1080. The clip is :42 and over 5 GB, which I assume is too big to work with in iMovie. Very choppy preview.


      So, what setting should I choose for After Effects export? Knowing the :42 clip will be imported into iMovie, combined with 1:20 HD 1080 additional footage (from goanimate.com) then posted on YouTube?


      Or should I edit in iMovie using the large 5 GB After Effects clip then compress for YouTube only when finished editing the entire video?


      (I would like to keep it widescreen with no bars.)


      Thank you.


      Mac OSX 10.9.4

      Mid 2010 Macbook Pro

      2.53 GHz Intel Core i5

      8 GB 1067 MHz DDR3