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    Got any good brushes for smoothing skin???

    anthonyhague Level 1

      Now Photoshop has developed some great options for making brushes I'm wondering if they are capable of replicating the 'Random Pixel' brushes of some of the earlier computers?


      This image bellow I did using a Dycomed computer (i think the software was creator, it had a big pool table style 8 ball for mouse manouverbillity, i think it was used before macs and probably photoshop), the machine only did one thing well 'smudge', its brush worked like the smudge tool but it randomly selected pixels and moved them around within the other pixels in the brush, basically it allowed you to push highlights (like you can see I've done with the girls cheeks) around without any of the streaky effect that you get from a standard round smudge brush, it was great for removing reflections and imperfections and the result it left was completely smooth.


      Id like to know if anyone has developed any good brushes for working with skin in PS CC ???