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    What is causing a disk error when saving psd files or writing to cache?


      The problem only happens when running Photoshop CC (2104) and Bridge (actually these are the only two programs I really use my external drive for) during a save or write operation to an external hard drive.  I can work for hours, with multiple files open, saving, creating, etc. without a problem and then suddenly I'll get a message from Photoshop saying, "Could not save .... because of a disk error." or from Bridge saying, ".. unable to write to cache..".


      When I quit and try to troubleshoot the problem, I find that, for some reason, Mavericks has put system files on my external (non boot) drive or, for whatever reason, thinks there is a system file on it.  Consequently, the drive cannot  be ejected (Error message: "... one or more programs may be using it...") and I cannot repair it using Disk Utility (Error message: " ... live file system repair is not supported").  I also cannot write to it (Error message: "... unexpected disk error has occurred (error code: -50)").  The problem persists even after quitting all other programs, which wouldn't surprise me if Mavericks thinks there is a system file on it.


      I have force ejected the drive a couple of times but became concerned that I might be compounding the problem. Now I just restart my computer and run Disk Utility Repair Disk.  (Don't know which is worse.)  Disk Utility either doesn't find a problem or, if it finds one, it repairs it.  After that, Photoshop and Bridge work fine for a while.


      System information:

      MacBook Pro 13" 2.4GHz with 16GB RAM, 500 GB HD (recently upgraded)

      Apple Cinema Display

      Mavericks (up to date)

      G-Technology G-Drive (Gen 5) 2TB HD connected via Firewire 800 (latest firmware)


      Unconfirmed observation: I believe the first few times this problem occurred, Firefox was up an running.  I made a point of quitting all programs except System Monitor when running Photoshop and Bridge and I can't remember having the problem again.  The the last time the issue occurred, today, however, Safari was up and running.


      Is this an OS problem, a hardware (disk drive, cable, etc.) problem, a software problem (PS, Bridge) or some combination? I have put this much detail in the post hoping someone can share some insight into the cause.  I will be sending this report to Apple and G-Technology and I will report any resolution, if and, hopefully when, I find one.