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    Indesign crash solution?


      Indesign crashes anytime i try to start, I´ve reinstalled it, but still crashes.

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          OS? Version of ID?


          How far does it get? Did you empty the InDesign Recovery folder (it's a hidden folder in your user profile/library)?

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            theking2 Level 1

            Adobe products for Windows were not programmed with restricted write rights in mind. This is particularly a problem with temp files. Photoshop and InDesign would write wherever they felt like they could. (This is because most developers @ Adobe probably were High-school dropouts that did not have a formal CS tutoring)


            On Windows Vista and later writing left right and centre on the OS drive was restricted for good reason. Therefor it is not possible to write to C:\,  which Photoshop does, ignoring either environment variable  TEMP or TMP (another of those bugs). In Photoshop it is possible to remove the option to write to C:\ and instead write to another device or volume (good practice). In order to do this it is important to start Photoshop as administrator first, make the change, close it and that use it as normal user.