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    Print to File square images using print templates

    Smeal22 Level 1

      I just imported 12 x 12 print module templates for printing photo collages files into PSE, but i am having an issue with the page set up.  My 12 x 12 templates are appearing as 8.5 x 11.   I cannot find the "Manage Customs Sizes" option under the page set up.  In fact - when I select page set up I get the print set up  - i confirmed I have the print to file selected and custom package selected too.  When I select the custom file dimensions button and set the size to 12 x 12, it resizes the template but the cells on the right side are cut off.  if i reselect the template the page returns to 8.5 x 11.  I can confirm the templates are square as they appear that way in the preview box in the top left.  I am on Windows 8.1 using the latest LR version (5.6).  Any suggestions?