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    Stripping Characters from a String

    silstorm Level 1
      Hi Folks,

      I'm trying to strip characters from a form string, like so;

      The entered text : This is a string with £ and ? characters
      The desired result : this_is_a_string_with_and_characters

      The aim is that I can use this as a 'safe' URL parameter for navigating the website. Obviously, if the string contains things like ? then it throws an error, or simply doesn't return the record.

      As I also need to use the original entered text (the entered text will be known as 'heading', and the modified text will be known as 'shortheading' within the DB) I can only accomplish this on the action page, not through javascript.

      Looking at my CFWACK book, ReReplace() seems to be the tag I need, but despite numerous efforts I just can't get a working syntax.

      Any help would be much appreciated!