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    How to get decent video sizes?


      Hey guys,


      I do use APE 12 (now that's a funny abbreviation for Adobe Premiere Elements ) since a few months now and think I got the hang of it for most parts. Beforehand, I was using Windows Live Movie Maker (yayz!), and so I figured Adobe would help me with what I do (creating (German) Let's Plays).


      So, anyhow, since recently I have realized something strange.

      Generally speaking, I do have trouble getting a decently-sized video file at the end. Obviously, I want to have a HD Video at the end and normally that is fine.

      When I record high-ressource games that use a lot of computer space and where the original video data is big as well, that Adobe does its job just fine, where I struggle are games that acutally don't need that much ressource power, and where the original input data is far lower.


      Let me give an example, because I am afraig my english is not good enough for explaining it otherwise:


      I was recording "Age of Wonders". The input, raw-video footage file is around 17,5 GB. When rendering my video file with Movie Maker, I had around 1,4GB at the end. Using Adobe, I end up with around 800MB for the same file. That is great and I am happy!

      Now, if I record easier-to-grab games, like "FTL" or "Game Dev Tycoon", I start to struggle. The inpu raw-video footage is around 2,5 GB. I use the same settings in both programs, and my Movie Maker file has around 200MB, whereas the same footage in Adobe would end up at around 800 MB (or sometimes even more) as well.


      Obviously, I want those files to be at least around the same size in Adobe, mainly for the added features that I get using Adobe. But If I can upload 4 files for the same size of 1, without actually loosing that much quality...


      Ok, so that is my problem. To provide you with the best possible info beforehand:


      I work on:

      PC, Win 8.1

      Graphics is a Radeon R9 290

      16 GB RAM


      My settings for rendering in Adobe are: (I have to translate these into english, so bear with me if I don't get the exact names right )


      Video Settings:

      F4V, Codec MainConcept H.264 Video

      1920 x 1080

      30 FPS

      Without (progressive) - High- 4,1

      No checkmark for rendering in highest quality



      CBR, user-defined, 5,4 MBit/s


      keyframe difference 72


      Audio settings:

      AAC+2 Codec

      Stereo, 44,1 Hz, High Quality

      BItrate 96 Kbit/s



      To compare, my settings in Windows Movie Maker are:

      Size: 1920 x 1080

      Bitrate: 8.000 Kb/s

      29,97 FPS

      Audio in 128 Kb/s, 48 Hz



      Now, if you take a look at those settings, you will wonder as I do, since I also have a higher bitrate in Movie Maker (which I figured to be one of the main reasons for higher video sizes). When choosing these settings, I oriented myself at what Youtube says you should be doing:




      Now, can anyone tell me if I can do better video settings in general, or if I need another pre-set of video settings to get a better result with lower-performance videos?


      Kind regards,

      concreteduck / Daniel