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    Changing tweens/ animation in new scene


      I am trying to create different scenes with the same character doing different things in different scenes. 

      I have created and animated a character in scene one.

      I saved the character to the library and pulled it into scene 2 to do a different animation with it.

      Unfortunately, when I delete the tweens of the character in scene 2 they also disappear in scene one.

      Can anyone help how I can use the same character in different scenes and create different tweens/ animation with it? Thank you

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It sounds like you are either not creating the tweens properly or you are creating the tweens within the character symbol rather than on the timeline.


          A timeline tween requires having the same symbol at the start and end of the tween.  If you are seeing Tweens getting created in the library as you create the animation you are not creating the tween properly.


          If the tweens are within the chareacter symbol, then removing them from that symbol removes them from every instance of that symbol.

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