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    Rescaling and background image




      I'm having trouble with getting a repeatable background image for my stage. I have a main div (the vinyl record) which is scaled in width and center in the middle (vertical and horizontal). However when I do this I don't have a black background color or a repeatable image. Instead the default browser background color (the white bars) is shown as if it's transparent. If I set my stage options to fit 100% in both width and height it will give the entire screen the black background color selected in the stage but if I pick 100% I wont be able to use both the center and responsive scaling option.


      Also I can't get a background image for my stage to work. I've tried this code:


      "background-image": "url('images/bg.jpg')",

      "background-repeat": "repeat-x"


      But nothing changes...


      Any ideas?