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      Hi there,

      I am now having problems getting the input text from flash to my php script that emails it. The email is sending to my email with the headings I have put however the input text is not sending.

      any ideas?? thanks :)
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          MotionMaker Level 1
          1. This

          $name = name.text;
          $email = name.text;
          $comments = name.text;

          looks like PHP inside of your Actionscript and would throw a syntax error that you would see if you are using Menu Control->Test Movie.

          Perhaps you meant
          name = name.text;
          email = name.text;
          comments = name.text;

          2. loadVariablesNum("tomail.php", 0, "POST");
          This sending all the variables declared on level 0 to the PHP script. Components are not variables and so you need to transfer the component values into variables in level 0.
          For better code use LoadVars.sendAndLoad. This way you can specifically attach the data you are sending and make it visible in code and also receive a return call back when the server script is complete.