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      I would like to be able to add more than seven themes to my favorites.

      I would also like to be able to add creators to my favorites - and to be notified when they have created a new theme. Although now there aren't so many new themes created each day that I can't look through all of them, in the future, as more people join, this might become more difficult, making it possible that I might miss new themes by my favorite creators.

      I would have the "MyKuler" section contain three parts: My Themes, Favorite Themes, and Favorite Creators.
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          CBukley Level 1
          I'll second the favorite creators idea. I do like the favorite themes but with the volume of themes created, I find myself following designers I like and looking to the Newest section to discover new theme creators rather than just new themes.

          Following on this line, it would be cool to have a Favorite or Popular Designer sections like the Favorite Theme section. A little recognition for designers that produce consistently great stuff and a useful tool to discover those theme creators.

          Yeah, yeah...we're great at thinking up more work for the kuler team. It's the burden of success. :)
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            Lydia_Varmazis Level 1
            Thanks for these suggestions. We've been thinking about something similar for Mykuler.

            I suspect you already know this, but you can watch the latests themes being published live via our RSS feeds.

            Have either of you checked out our Community section? We do have a member spotlight there. Look for more in the next couple of weeks.

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              CBukley Level 1

              Thanks. I did read the spotlight. I loved seeing some of the designs using the published themes. I think it will be a nice feature. I was thinking more of practical search method though. The RSS feeds are helpful. I can't wait to see what the kuler klique creates.