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    Controlling movie clips with onKeyDown

      I'm in the process of trying to create kind of like a gallery which works only from the keyboard (keys a through to l).

      12 images are displayed in a row and when pressing the 'a' button for example the first image of the 12 is enlarged and is moved to the very left of stage while the other 11 images fade out (this happens at the same time as the resize + move), this occurs for all images (a-l).

      When you press a different key while the current image is displayed, the image is moved back to its original position and all other images fade back in then the animation for the key pressed is played.

      All of the images are in separate movie clips and tween from original position > display position > back to original position.

      My problem is getting the images back to their original positions if a different key is pressed. If an image is displayed and another key is pressed (e.g. k) I need it to move the displayed image back to its original position in the row of 12 images and then play the animation for the key pressed.

      Would appreciate any examples/hints/methods. THANKS!