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    Mark of the Web Question

      Can someone please clarify something on the new Mark of the Web option on WebHelp output in RH6? Even though the option is available when generating WebHelp output, the resulting output does not appear any different than it did with RH X5 for the same project (and still does not work with our VB app on a local machine when the Active X security option is turned off). Now I see the What's New in This Release topic in the RH6 help file lists WebHelp Pro, FlashHelp, and FlashHelp Pro as the layouts that support Mark of the Web. No WebHelp. So does Mark of the Web work for WebHelp or not? Do I have to change my output to WebHelp Pro to get mark of the web? If so, what other implications are there for switching from WebHelp to WebHelp Pro? Does this mean I have to buy RH6 Server instead of plain RH6? Sorry to be freaking out, but this is not what I expected. Thanks!