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    indesign form field assistance please


      hello everyone.. im new to forum, and to INDESIGN also



      im working with adobe indesign cs6.. i am 1/2 way thru a form.. but am completely locked on how to have a blank text field w/ lines.. so if i print form out theres lines to write on.. and also, if its typed in, the text flows from line to line


      thanks for the help!

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          This is only a guess and I think it's trial and error.

          Produce a test form in InDesign with a text box made to the size you want.

          Open it in Acrobat Pro and select the text box and choose the font and size.

          Save it as a form and fill the text box with some text and print it out.

          You can them measure from baseline to baseline, and when you create the real form in InDesign you know how far apart to add the lines, though it might be tricky!