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    animation problem

    newmfa Level 1

      in next dir movie http://www.geocities.com/newmfa/control_w3d_02.dir

      ..there are two buttons named "play" & "stop" and 3d scene includes cube named "box",
      this box has short animation "50 frames", but i stopped it in director by code "animationEnable=false"
      to let user press play button to active the animation by himself, and stop the animation by pressing
      stop button.

      the buttons worked well, but the problem is w3d looping without looping the sound effect.
      how can buttons "play and stop" full control w3d..?

      I hope find helper..

      best wishes
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          danieloizo Level 1

          Is the sound a different castmember? if yes the problem is that you have to restart the sound over and over again every time the animation is over, or make the sound loop after a period of time = to the duration of the animation. maybe you tell us a bit more how you set up the scene(have you put the sound in the soundchanel , do you start the sound with lingo etc.).

          you can make the sound looplike this.
          sound(1).play([#member:member(" yoursoundfile"), #startTime:4000, \
          #endTime:5000, loopcount:100000])

          here the sound starts from the 4th second and plays till 5th then loops
          the difference between starttime and endtime should be equal with the duration of the animation.

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            newmfa Level 1
            first, thanks for your care.

            you can download my dir movie here with your code ..


            the sound member is different cast member called "sound model 3", i used your code
            but the sound didn't work,so,i make next changes:

            starttime = 0 and endtime = 24, because cube animation start in frame 0 and ended in frame 24,
            i found that sound repeating but very very fast, if you like you can download my small dir movie


            and i hope help me..

            i don't put sound on any channel
            i start my sound with lingo code "sound(1)...."