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    Modify sliders from Hardware


      Hello guys, im new to this scripting thingy on lua, but i have intermediate knowledge in programming in languages such as C, C++, C#.


      As a hobbyist in photography I like using PS and LR to edit my photos and i was thinking in this project, to modify some photo caracteristics from an external device, starting with the BASIC slidebars in the develop window, Im tired of moving the slidebar with my mouse and i noticed i cant assign a key to modify this values, so i was thinking if i can make a PLug in that catches kley strokes and modify the values of the Exposure slidebar for example.


      Or i could go all In and (initially) add a serial device, conect the plug in to the serial port and if "X" command arrives modify the value of a slidebar.


      I dont know if im making myself clear here. What i want is to found a way to modify slide bars like "exposure", "contrast", from an external device, such as, SerialPort or Keyboard. this to give me more control over this slide bars. What do i need? what functions do I use? is this posible?..


      Thank you in advance for your help.