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    Remove an Index

    ricksecc Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      In what I thought would be a very simple task has turned into a nightmare.

      I had created a one entry Index for my Epub as a test and now I can't rid my Epub of the 'Index' title.

      I removed the one entry in the index panel but have no idea how to actually remove the Index itself.

      I get an error on export saying that an older story was generated and no Hyperlinks will be created.

      Anyone have any ideas how to delete the Index story?

      I'm stumped.


      Thank you,



      I was able to finally somehow get rid of the Title text appearing on my Epub but I still get this message on export...


      The file was exported but one or more problems were detected...

      Found index stories generated in older InDesign. Hyperlink won't be created. Please update index.