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    Freaky Font Rendering

      So, I've managed to successfully embed a couple of fonts into my AS3 file; one is a vector font (ITC Avant Garde Gothic), and the other is a pixel font (supernatural). Now, here's where the problems start...

      First, my Avant Garde font renders VERY poorly. On my TextField, I've tried both anti-aliasing strategies provided by flash.text.AntiAliasType, and both look aweful; I get the same blurry, jagged edges! As well, I can't seem to figure out how to use the "extra light" font in the ITC Avant Garde Gothic family. The compiler complains when I try to specify the extra light font in my embed directive. It seems to only want the "regular" font. Any thoughts?

      Second, my pixel font is supposed to be rendered at 10 pixels, so I'm rendering the font at 10 pixels. It looks great! Well, other than the fact that the SWF seems to only recognize characters [a-n], everything thing else is excluded, so "Harper" displays as "Hae". I've tried other pixel fonts with the same result. Vector fonts work, but look aweful at 10 pixels--with all of that heavy anti-aliasing that's going on in there.

      Please! Help me! I'm begging! This is worse than having to wait for next week's episode of Lost!

      Tim Lowrimore